MYBX GDPR data collection

MYBX GDPR data collection

Timeline: 3 months (2018)
Role: Product Designer
Tools: Sketch, Invision, Full Story

MY.BX is a part of the BLACKBX company software suite. BLACKBX (now Stampede) is a software as a service (SaaS) company providing customer insights and effective digital marketing automation tools through data collection from their public Wifi offering. MY.BX is a platform for end user customers to gain insight into how their data is used in accordance with GDPR rules, and provides them the ability to manage their data preferences.

The brief:

  • Improving existing platform.

Previous design:

A series of screen shots of the previous 
    interface design taken from a mobile phone.

Problem 1:

  • lack of overview
  • not responsive
  • lack of easy navigation
  • bland, not modern design


First step was to understand how existing platform is working. Understand how it’s used, what are the main features people are interested in and which device they use it the most. The company is using Full Story to see user’s behaviours.

The idea:

I wanted to bring back dashboard overview so the user can see straight away the four main control points:

  • Personal information: available for everyone to see and use for marketing purposes.
  • Connections: listing the places user was connected through.
  • Devices: which devices the user has registered on the platform.
  • Payments: if they paid in any places for the wifi.

Each card would then show more in-depth options under that section.

Wireframe image showing the basic layout of the
    proposed cards.

The most important thing was to focus on was the mobile version as it was used the most by the users. I decided to build the wireframe based on tiles, for easy responsiveness. Since we were talking about the users visiting places, I thought using a list with place names was not sufficient; a lot of people don’t remember the names of places they visit, but remember logos and branding very easily. It was possible to import logos of the companies that collected data to the platform.

Connections was one of the most important sections as it’s a panel control for the data collection. Toggle on/off, and the search field were the most essential elements. For instance, if someone got promotional email from one place, and didn’t wish to get any more emails from them, they could easily search the company name, and just switch toggle off, and that’s it.

Sample of the newly proposed interface running on a mobile phone.

Problem 2

  • Navigation was not mobile friendly.

Since more phones are now above 5’’ it’s quite hard to navigate the burger icons with one hand.

Final result:

The platform is now easier to use, clearer and more readable compared to the previous version. Using tiles solved the problem of the responsiveness on different devices, as well as making recognising different places easier, and improving the
visibility of detailed data. The bottom navigation also helps with jumping through the whole platform. My experience has taught me that people struggle with data. It’s very important not to overwhelm or scare them with unnecessary numbers.

The MY.BX portal running on a mobile phone. The various aspects of the MY.BX portal shown as screenshots capture on a mobile phone.
The MY.BX portal displayed on a laptop to show the wide version of the site.