Timeline: 3 months (2014)
Role: Design Intern (+ UCN Diploma)
Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop

Eco-Tour is a travel agency that specialises in eco friendly tourism, agrotourism and everyday travel. They are selling transportation, accommodation, insurance and other organised travel services.

The brief:

  • Logo and branding incorporating eco friendly aspects of the business.
  • Website update including the newest trends, more user friendly.
  • Branded print materials update


I spent a lot of time researching big travel companies, trying to understand the process and how it works. I mostly focused on the eco aspect of the company, researching the best materials for print, and how to incorporated nature into the logo.

The Idea:

The idea was to create a fresh and simple look associated with nature. My inspiration came from the landscapes of their destinations; that’s why I decided to include the movement of waves, the peaks of hills, and animal symbols that would symbolise eco friendly tourism and agrotourism.

The construction of the Eco-Tour logo from the essential elements of the idea.

The problem:

This was a project I was doing during my internship that turned into my diploma at UCN. At this point it pretty much came down to the cost of the re-brand, re-printing all the materials and hiring a developer to update the website - unfortunately the project was not used.

Final result:

The logo is very minimalistic, yet captivating, and features all the nature elements I wanted to include. I decided to go with eco-friendly recycled paper for print materials. The original website did not include photography of the destinations and I wanted to introduce this to make this visually engaging and to highlight the natural beauty of the areas the company serviced. There was previously no search engine available within the site, and I wanted to add this as a matter of urgency and designed the new site accordingly.

The finalised logo. Eco-Tour branded stationery
A branded brochure of their services. Branded packaging and tote bags.
Detail shot of branded letter paper and binders Eco-Tour business cards. An animation showing off the Eco-Tour website.

2020 Update:

Looking at this project from today’s point of view, I would say there is some things that could have been improved. The website experience should have been tested, but I didn’t have that knowledge or experience at the time. I still decided to use this project in my case studies, as it was one of my very first individual, and one of my biggest single projects. I think it still looks very modern and up to date.